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With the ever-increasing focus on patient comfort, we are proud to offer a cold therapy laser. 


In general terms, the laser emits light at a wavelength that we cannot see, and it is taken up by cells in the body.  The cells convert that light into energy which they use to increase their metabolic rate, taking in nutrients and eliminating waste more quickly.  As such, cellular turnover is increased, and wound healing is accelerated.  Hot spots, cuts/scrapes, and inflammation are healing in half the time it typical took.  All of our routine spay/neuters receive a complimentary laser therapy and our clients are reporting excellent results. 


In addition to accelerated healing, cells in the area of a laser treatment release anti-pain and anti-inflammatory mediators. 


We have successfully demonstrated the ability of our laser to reduce swelling and control pain in wounds and/or joint discomfort. 


One of the most frequent uses of our laser is old patients with arthritis that cannot medically manage. 


Call us or stop in today to learn more!

Laser Therapy

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